Hear the Beautiful

Twenty-five years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. As usual, I didn’t have a list, but something did come to mind. “A pair of Lovebirds,” was my reply, but I didn’t stop there. I wanted an aviary, also. My plan, should it be brought into fruition, was to simply enjoy the birds. Although I omitted that piece of information, my husband may have sensed it.

My birthday approached and soon, an aviary was under construction. When finished later that day, it was large enough that an average size adult could move around easily to feed, water, and clean. I didn’t know it at the time, but part of my gift was that my husband would feed, water and clean. (Yes!) That afternoon, a friend of ours presented us with four lovebirds. It was the perfect gift and the beginnings of a large lovebird family; one pair mated, and over the years, their off-spring had equaled twenty-six.

I love watching the lovebirds live, play, and do their chores. (Yes, they do chores.) And I love hearing the beautiful chorus of cooing and chirping. When my husband feeds, waters, and this many years later, sometimes cleans, I love to hear him talk to his birds. They love it, too.

Twenty-five years later, we are at the original number – four, but my delight is grander. What a gift to be able to watch those beautiful creatures; to be able to hear nature’s music. What a gift that was given to me so many years ago that still stands and still lives.


It’s All Wonderful

Most any conversation is delicious when coupled with friendship and a glass of wine. Whatever the topic, be it current events over a soft style Syrah, an opinion about a snuggle-up cozy while sipping a full-bodied Merlot, or a simple debate about whether or not to pair tomorrow’s Christmas day leftovers with a Pinot Grigio, the wine, the bottle, and the glass all add up to a soft and sophisticated celebration.

My favorite chats involve interesting characters who drive story lines that twist and surprise the reader. For the nonfiction moment, a shared bottle of wine adds flair when unraveling the intent of a well written article. Later, embrace the quiet, the tranquil, create your moment.