Wine Tasting Delish


A Meandering Thought

One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is touring through a winery or three. A quick right turn and short meander on a curvy dirt road quite often allows for more than just a delicious flight of reds, whites and blushes, but sometimes a quick peruse, especially during travel, a website of two is a only a click away.


For the Fit and Want to be Fit – Enjoy a Sip or Three

I have to say it. No, shout it. Hallelujah! A healthy wine the way it is meant to be. Think about it. How many wine makers, let’s say 150 years ago, were careful to add extra pounds of sugar and a ton of those amazing tiny sulfates to their blends of Delish? Maybe all of two vintners, in the USA, were thinking about ways to preserve a mixture inside an aging barrel; but did you know that sulfites have been used to preserve wine since Roman times? Regardless of that tidbit, some of us don’t want to share our wine moments with a plethora of sulfite creatures. So what we do?

We sip FitVine. Lower in calories, fewer sulfites, and simply delicious.


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